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Perfect - RightSprint
Perfect - RightSprint
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Streamlined Printing

With the right authorised person in the right place with your chosen print shop and at the right time.

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Documents provided go from hand to hand until you lose control of them.
The document is modified without respecting your corporate identity guidelines…

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Different versions of the same document circulate in your company without having been approved.

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It is a management and monitoring problem !
You need to store all of your documents in one single location, for example in a magician’s hat.
Anything added there, remains accessible to all of your collaborators regardless of where they are.

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For instance let’s take John:
He must make a new document elaborated according to specific guidelines with specifics instructions available to all of his colleagues. But he wants to stop sending too many emails.

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Therefore he uses rightSprint and make his document easily available.

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Diego, a colleague of John needs this document for his new marketing campaign.
He customizes the document as needed and submits it for approval with a simple click.


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The customized document is instantly accessible by John to validate.
Diego receives right away offers from his print shops, compares and chooses the best of them.
Once the OK to print is signed off, Diego orders immediately the document.


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Finally, the use of rightSprint is a success as the document is quickly printed by all, while respecting John’s  instructions.
With rightSprint, John has respected his company’s corporate identity while optimizing print costs.
He has also saved time and money for all of his colleagues by benefiting from rightSprint


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